Kieser prices

Long-term, intensive muscle-building training is the best way to strengthen your health in the long term. That's why Kieser Training AG always recommends the most optimal price-run time combination for the start of training (detailed information on the service components can be found below).

Introduction to training:

  • Creation of your individual training plan

  • Personal supervision during your first three training

  • Medical training consultation

  • Personal supervision during your 10th training session

  • Body composition measurement or
    Strength measurement (at the 10th training)

  • Neck or back analysis (at the beginning and end
    of the build-up phase)

Long term training:

  • 12 training sessions with personal supervision for
    building strength using computerised back exercise

  • Monthly training sessions with personal supervision
    to maintain strength using computerised back
    exercise machines

  • Medical training consultation (once a year)

  • Personal supervision during every 20th training session,
    including review and modification of the training plan

  • Open 365 days a year

  • Access to all Kieser studios worldwide


69 EUR | month*
Term 2 years

For the introduction to the training there is a one-time fee of
from 149 EUR**


*This is a non-binding price recommendation of the Kieser Training AG. However, the pricing in the franchise studios is the responsibility of each franchise partner according to the legal basis. Therefore, the prices of the individual studios may differ from each other. Detailed information on additional offers, subscriptions with shorter terms and the prices are available on request in the studios.

**The first introductory training is free of charge. The costs for the introduction to the training only arise when the contract is concluded.

The services of Kieser

Accompanied training sessions

It is very important to us that you train correctly. This is the only way to achieve your goals. That's why you will be accompanied by our specially trained instructors in the first 3 and 10th training sessions. They will show you how to set up the machines and how to perform the exercises correctly. To ensure the success of your training, you will be accompanied again in every 20th training session to adjust weights and equipment and ensure that you are training effectively at the right intensity. Of course, our instructors are always there for you in the meantime.

Individual training plan

At the beginning, you can expect a detailed consultation. After we have defined your goals and clarified health-related questions, we develop your individual training programme. During the accompanied training sessions, we pay attention to your training execution and adjust your programme if necessary.

Medical training consultation

In a medical training consultation we discuss your health condition. If there are any complaints, these will be taken into account in your training programme. The consultation helps to adapt your training to your physical constitution in the best possible way and to ensure a high training quality.

Body composition measurement

With bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) you can find out how much muscle and fat mass you have in just 24 seconds. The measurement serves as a valuable support for training planning. Based on the data, we show you how to efficiently increase your muscle mass and reduce your fat mass.

Strength measurement

We use our strength measurement to determine the isometric maximum strength of the most important muscle groups. Compared with reference values of your gender and age, this result provides information about your general strength level at the start of training. Repeated regularly, the strength measurement also objectively shows your training success.

Back analysis / Neck analysis

With the back analysis we determine the mobility of your spine and the strength of the deep back extensors. Compared with the standard data of people with a healthy back, the measurement data provide information about the current condition of this muscle area. The analysis helps to better diagnose the functional causes of your complaints. Repeated regularly, it documents your training success.

Computer-assisted back machines

Training on the computer-assisted back and neck machines (LE/CE) is medically controlled and takes place in the company of an instructor. On the machines you train the deep back extensors in the area of the lumbar and cervical spine. At the beginning, you usually train once or twice a week on the LE or CE machine. After about 12 to 18 training sessions, the supervised training then takes place once a month.

Access to all Kieser studios

Kieser is now represented in five countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Luxembourg) and has over 270,000 enthusiastic customers. The studios impress with their bright premises and the calm, concentrated training atmosphere. As a Kieser customer, you have the opportunity to train in any studio – 365 days a year.

Would you like detailed information on the subscription prices of a particular studio? Then please contact the studio directly. You can find the contact details of the individual studios in the following overview list: