About Kieser

Back in 1967 it was pioneering work – Kieser was one of the first companies in Europe to recognise the health benefits of strength training and consistently encouraged the use of machinery to this end. Even 50 years later, Kieser has remained faithful to its own concept and is still ahead of the curve. The machines continue to be specialised in-house, always on the basis of current medical research to guarantee maximum training effectiveness with minimal time investment.

Thanks to a standardised product, high-quality training machines and the successful franchising system, Kieser has developed into a strong international brand over many years. Kieser stands for not compromising on a product that is unique on the market.

At Kieser, quality means satisfying the expectations and requirements of our customers and always exceeding them. Because the brand name is essentially a promise, we must guarantee that our customers in each studio receive a consistent service of unchanging quality. Kieser’s quality management team monitors this on a regular basis.

Our product can be considered to be “purist”. At Kieser, we concentrate and avoid distractions while exercising. The concept of Kieser is so simple and well-defined that it is reflected in the brand. Our message – “Getting stronger every time” – is a precise and concise reflection of our concept, and this too makes this brand so eminently unique and tangible.


Do you feel like representing the Kieser brand with empathy, a strong attitude and a strong sense of responsibility?


In 1967, the pioneer Werner Kieser founded Kieser Training AG. His idea was to make the world stronger. Find out everything about the company history of Kieser.

Management Kieser Training AG


Michael Antonopoulos

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Marc Breitinger

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Patrik Meier

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Beatrice Mangold

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Sabrina Mehri

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Jeanine Minaty

Chief Communication Officer (CCO)

Board of Directors

Michael Antonopoulos
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Kieser Training AG

Nils Planzer
Member of the Board of Directors
Planzer Holding AG

Stefan Vogler
Member of the Board of Directors

Thomas Busin
Member of the Board of Directors