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Kieser nutritional advice 

As a leading provider in the field of preventive and medical strength training, Kieser is known for its expertise in imparting knowledge and methods to prevent strength and muscle loss. Our nutritional advice is an additional service aimed at optimising your training success through adequate nutritional support.

At Kieser, we understand that your health and performance depends on many factors, including your diet. Our unique understanding of the interaction between muscles, metabolism and nutrition enables us to offer you a neutral, professional and efficient nutritional strategy that goes beyond traditional weight loss counselling.


Your needs take centre stage with us.

You are unique and your body has special needs. That's why we take time for your personal goals and use our bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to determine the current state of your body composition. This gives you precise information about the distribution of your muscle and fat mass. The results form the basis for your personalised nutritional advice. We use this measurement to find out which combination of nutrients is recommended for you. Do something good for yourself and your body. The nutritional counselling supports you and your strength training sensibly and effectively. Together we will achieve your goal in the long term.


We make it easy for you to harmonise strength training and nutrition.

With the right combination of the three macronutrients proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you form the basis for an optimal supply of nutrients for your body. This can support muscle building and/or fat loss and at the same time prevent typical age-related diseases such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, risk of heart attack, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, sarcopenia and much more. Our nutritional counselling goes far beyond the mere transfer of knowledge. We provide you with tools and strategies to help you make the right decisions in everyday life and harmonise your eating habits with your training. We support you in introducing new foods, planning meals and dealing with special dietary requirements.

Increase your training success thanks to the right nutrient intake. That is Kiesern. 

We help you to achieve your goals

Professional nutritional counselling is a valuable investment in your health. However, understanding the variety of nutrients and ensuring an optimal supply for the body is often a challenge. With targeted support and individual advice from Kieser, you can optimise your diet, better achieve your training goals and benefit from the many advantages of a balanced diet in the long term.

Promoting health

A balanced diet is crucial for your health. Professional nutritional counselling helps you to develop a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities. By making targeted food choices and taking individual needs into account, you can strengthen your immune system, reduce the risk of illness and improve your overall health.

Losing weight

Nutrition plays a central role in losing weight. Professional counselling will help you to plan a diet that is low in calories but high in nutrients. By learning which foods are filling and at the same time provide important nutrients, you can lose weight effectively without jeopardising your health.

Muscle building

An optimal supply of nutrients is essential for building and repairing muscles. Professional advice will help you to find the right balance between proteins, carbohydrates and other important nutrients to effectively support your muscles. This will help you achieve our training goals faster and improve your physical fitness.

Better performance

A customised diet can significantly improve your physical and mental performance. Professional advice will provide you with customised recommendations that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. With the right nutrients at the right time, you can boost your energy, improve your concentration and raise your performance to a new level.

Structure of the Kieser nutritional counselling

The aim of the Kieser Nutrition Consultation is to provide you with the necessary knowledge in a 12-week programme to effectively tailor your diet to your training goals and promote optimum health and performance in the long term. We provide you with the necessary knowledge for a conscious diet that not only supports your training goals, but also promotes your long-term health. The counselling is divided into four units and is based on your body composition status and your individual goals.

Start now with our 12-week programme. The following services are included in the package:

1st unit: Kieser Training day consultation

The contents of the Kieser Training Day consultation include BIA, nutritional behaviour, target determination, optimisation of nutritional behaviour and optimal planning of a training day. The additional training support serves to ensure the quality and intensity of the training programme.

Unit 2: Advice on protein and fluid intake

We give you recommendations on the optimum frequency of meals and on protein and fluid intake to help you achieve your training goals efficiently.

Unit 3: Advice on fats, carbohydrates and fibre

We will show you how to optimise your carbohydrate, fibre and fat intake in order to increase your performance and promote your health. Additional training support is provided to ensure the quality and intensity of the training programme.

4th unit: BIA control measurement and interpretation

We carry out a final analysis to check your progress and adjust your nutritional strategy if necessary. Additional training support is provided to ensure the quality and intensity of the training programme.